Sunday, September 21, 2008

My current i-pod playlist

Well I decided to blurb on the current music I am listening to. I am mainly listening to just a few bands, but still dabble in some of my classics such as Depeche.

I am in a huge Chris Corner, IAMX / sneaker pimps mood right now. The majority of my most played music is from these two groups, but both bands are the same artist. Chris Corner originally found fame in Sneaker Pimps but wrote and played lead guitar, the vocalist was a female singer named Alli. I don't care for most of her vocals in their early songs, its not bad, it is just not quite hitting the spot for me. Alli left or was kicked out of the band, and then some great music started really coming from the band. My favorite by far is "lightning field". This is a great song with awesome background vocals, base line, beat and lyrics. All around my favourite pre-IAMX stuff. As far as IAMX goes, I have all their stuff and go through phases, but right now my favourites have to be "Missile, and Heatwave". These two songs are just fantastic. Missile is kind of hauntingly beautiful and I love the distorted piano-ish harpsachord at the beginning. The lyrics are great and can be applied to me in one way or another. Heatwave is just awesome all around. The beat is great and I love the vocals as well. Just sweet! I am also digging some good classic Placebo and find myself listening to Lazurus a ton. When I am running I typically listen to slightly different music and will have to post on my running exercise tracks later. These are mainly charged with purely electronic vibes but a few are surprising.


Anonymous said...


I didn't know you had a FREAKIN blog!! It is way cool to read to see what is going on up there in Canada. It sounds like you guys are enjoying it. Maybe I will have to break down and start a blog one day as well. You are freakin crazy to run so much! How do you find motivation, mine comes and goes, I can't stay consistant.

Well hope to hear from ya soon.


p.s. should I start a blog?

Steve said...

Heck yeah, you should start a blog. Just think of all the football knowledge and law enforcement related stories you can hang out there for the world to see. I will have to give you a call next week and see how things are going. I really miss hanging out, about the time that we started to really hang out again I went and did a thing like this and moved to a whole different country. What is with me? I can't wait to hang again. I will keep in good contact though so at least we can stay informed.