Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lyric of the Day Game - The hottest game on this blog!

I am going to start posting a lyric from any given song and I am going to see if anyone can guess it. Granted there is only like two people who know about my blog, but oh wells. So I need some rules. No google or search engine of the lyrics. You must guess the lyric from your own knowledge and music collection. You can however if you know the lyric belongs to a group, listen to their songs online until you discover which song has the lyric. The person who guesses all of them correctly will most likely get some fantastic, crazy prize that is coveted above all other earthly possesions. The stakes are high and good luck! I may give a slight clue once in a while as well. If no one plays that is OK, but it will be your loss when you realize what you might have been able to achieve.

First lyric........I'll start easy and work up to some challenging lyrics groups and songs.

"Her intentions fall to the floor"

Think mid nineties grunge.

It pays to be first because after someone posts with the right answer it is lame


Anonymous said...


That is one of the best songs of all time.

Its Lightning crashes by LIVE

Man I ROCK!!!


Steve said...

You Did It!!!
You are the first to win. Day 1 is Tim's. Tomorrow is another day, I hope you bring your game face.

Angie said...

Grrr...I was going to guess that, but when I saw there were already comments posted, I had a filling that Tim guessed it...I should get half a point for that.