Saturday, September 27, 2008

A long run and a short run

I did two additional runs this week. On Wednesday I did a really long run, I was gone 1:40 and yesterday I did speed work on one of my favorite runs and did 1:03. On Wednesday it had rained all day and started raining again as I ran. I left about 6:00 and thought I would go on a medium lengthed 1:15. The rocks were all really slick and I did a butt flop or two because of the slippery boulders. After I summited doug and slipped down the rock buster, I decided to summit little doug. At this point it was dark and I couldn't see a darn thing. I decided to go all around the park and missed my turn and found myself in the neighborhood. Once I figured out where I was I finished my run. In all it was a long wet and tiring 1:40 minutes. Yesterday was quite a bit different and I only went for speed. I did my favorite run just to the summit and back. I wanted to break 1:00 hour. I had done it in 1:15 before so I really wanted to shave some time off. I left the i-pod and bumbag at home at booked it. I really pushed. I almost completely summited without having to walk. Right at the end I had just to much lactic acid built up in my muscles and had to walk for two minutes to release it. It got dark when I summited and the whole run down was really dangerous and black which slowed me significantly. I finally got to the smooth sections and tried to make up lost ground. I finished right at 1:03 and missed my goal. I was a little sad but I will break 1 hour next Friday.


Jenni & James said...

How about the stories that James and I can tell about you? How about the shock of learning what "covered wagons" are? How about you huddled in a cornered scared of a spider that you claimed was about to attack? We miss you guys and the nights of endless laughter in our apartment! Talk to you soon! Congrats on your runs! (You know what I mean....)

Tim said...

Man I wish I had your motivation right now. I can hardly get enough energy to walk up the stairs lately. I REALLY need to start exercising again.

Vyedka said...

Cutie I am way proud of you, for going on that run even when you didn't want to because you knew you were going to be running in the dark and to do it in 1:03! That is super good! You are amazing and have a lot more motivation than me. But you do need to start running in the morning. That way the dark won't slow you down. I worry about you when you run at night.