Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Lyric

James got the last one so quickly, I am going to have to try and stump him.

Try this one out!

"Let's take the whole of the world The mountains and the sand"


Jenni & James said...

Steve, I am posting for James.....He got it in under 7 minutes. You two are nerds! It's And Then. Track 9 on Construction Time Again and to quote James "It's old school DM!" He says he actually really likes this song and to be honest, he is over listening to it right now and singing to it. He is going to try and find a good one for you later on. It's funny to remember how alike you two are in a lot of ways!

Tim said...

I am a freakin amature compared to you two.

Steve said...

Good job, but at least I stumped him for seven minutes. I will find one that will stump him for at least an hour.