Monday, November 28, 2011

Winter running (photo from this evenings run)

Winter has now settled over the Island and the days are getting very short which means running in the dark. I thought I would take my camera with me and snap a shot or two. This is my favorite photo from tonight's run.

This semester has been really tough, but running has helped me keep my sanity. I can't wait to have this semester behind me. Grad school is an endurance sport and I feel like I am using similar tactics to long distance running to keep going. Very similar to picking a tree or rock to run to, and repeating the process when you are really knackered; I am having to pick many small goals to work towards during my studies each day. If I look at the big picture it is a bit overwhelming, so by just focusing on finishing this paper or writing a paragraph is what is allowing me to keep on plowing through. Running is definitely applicable in many areas of my life!

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Tim said...

Ah got to love the winter running. This is a VERY beautiful pic. Makes me miss Canada all over again.

For some reason the winter running hasn't been as bothersome this year. Maybe its because I am not going quite as hard right now as I was in the past. I can just kind of run and enjoy the views. HOPEFULLY its the same for you. Keep blogging and running as much as you can despite the heavy workload!