Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing Day 2 hour run.

This semester was definitely an endurance event. Everyday felt like I was just trying to run to the next tree, or next stone, just like the late miles of a gnarly distance run. Instead of running to objects along the trail I was trying to just finish the next paper, the next assignment, or make it to the next meeting with my adviser. I was extremely relieved when it was all said and done and I could enjoy some down time with my family. I was also stoked to hit the trails again. So on Boxing Day I went out for a slow two hour run. I ran beach, I ran roads, I ran creeks, and I ran forest. It felt amazing! It was nice to actually be working towards my fitness and running goals again instead of buried in the books. The run was slow and painful but the light drizzle and beautiful Vancouver Island winter day recharged the batteries and I felt whole again.

Below are three shots from the run that represent the amazing variability and beauty I get to emerge myself in every time I run out the door.

Douglas Creek

Mt. Doug single track!

Arbutus Cove Beach

I haven't included much music in my posts of late so I am going to include a song that helped me through another brutal semester. This is a great song by Seven Mary Three an amazing and underrated band. They formed in 1993 in Virginia as teenagers but really broke out in 1995 with a hugely popular debut album "American Standard" and are a quintessential American band; two guitars, bass, and drums.

This song "Over Your Shoulder" comes from their 3rd and likely least popular album "Orange Ave." released in 1998. The band was having issues during it's recording, which affected its final sound, but it did have a nice song or two and this is one of them. The reason this song helped me this semester is that as I was pulling my first or even second all-nighter in a row, and I felt like just laying in bed and not ever moving again, I would throw on this song and soon I would rally as I realized that I just needed to hunker down and before I knew it the assignment or deadline would be "over my shoulder", and ultimately the semester was quickly behind me. It goes without saying that this song also applies to long distance running, we all come to those low spots in each run, each season, each year where the run or running isn't going exactly how you planned and everything seems to be going pear-shaped, but sooner or later it is over your shoulder. A nice song to pick you up when feeling overwhelmed. Enjoy!

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Tim said...

Love the photos, you are right, there are VERY few places in the world that have the beauty that lies on the beautiful island of Victoria! McKell and I talk frequently of how much we enjoyed our visit up there this summer and wish we could go back again. Amazing place!

I also enjoyed listening to this song from SM3. I have never heard it until now, but really enjoyed listening to this song. Great post