Saturday, May 16, 2009

Virgin Voyage of the Brooks Cascadia 4's

I recieved my new shoes in the mail yesterday from Running Warehouse.  I busted them in this morning on a flat  20 km mixed surface run.  They felt awesome.  It is amazing to crank out 12 miles in a new pair of shoes and experience absolutely zero problems with blisters, hotspots, or rubbing of any sort.  I had no issues with shin splints and knees which I was struggling with as a result of my last pairs midsole breaking down.  I still need to take them on a Mount Doug Gutbuster training run and really push their limits to see how they handle the nasty terrain.  So far so good, and I am thinking they are the shoe for me.  They don't quite wrap my ankle as well as my asics, and so my only concern is ankle support from the upper.  They are a very stable shoe and most likely will lessen the ammount of ankle rolls anyway.  I will really push them  on the slopes of Doug next run to see how they handle the slick rocks, mud, steep desents, tricky side slopes, and loose gravel.  I can't wait.  The final test will come in the form of a 30 or 40 km on Elk Lake this week or early next.  I will have a good idea what to expect from these babies by then. This is a repeat of my georunner post for those of you following my runner blog.


Tim said...

Those look like a REALLY nice pair of shoes, and should help you with your running. I went and watched the Ogden Marathon, well the people finish at least, and it was quite amazing to see the people come running in and gave me a desire to try for it next year. We should run it together, that would be awesome!!!! I will have to see what I can do about a ticket, Blink comes just about an month later and will definately go to that. So I will see what I can do.

McKell said...
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