Monday, March 4, 2013

Mount Work Victoria, BC Trail Run (Video and Trail Photo)

Mount Work is a rounded and wooded hill in the Gowlland Tod Park with miles of trails that overlook the Saanich Inlet and Finlayson Arm. It is a steep and short little trail but extremely fun to run.

I started at a steady pace and quickly found myself running up a trail with a trickle of water flowing down it. I was concerned that I would get rained on but upon parking the clouds broke and I was met by rays of warm March sun penetrating the undergrowth. The hill quickly steepened and I had to adjust my stride to short and quick little steps. There were large portions of trail that had accrued puddles from previous rain storms. The rocks were particularly perilous as they were wet, mossy, and extremely slick. I quickly powered my way to the summit taking advantage of any flatter portion of trail to run, and power hiking the steeper portions of rocky trail. The summit was beautiful and the weather perfect for a Saturday run. The return trip was punctuated by tromping through deep puddles and bombing down steep stretches of single track. It was a great little run and I was extremely happy with it, and was reminded once again why I love running so much!

Finlayson Arm and Saanich Inlet from an overlook near the summit of Mount Work in the Gowlland Tod Park!
Below is a nice video of the run with a great little running song!


Tim said...

Sounds like it was just about a perfect day for a run minus the sloppy conditions. The scenery up in Victoria is unreal!! Great picture and video (as always). I think the new term for you should probably be mountain goat! You can rock any terrain without any issues.

Vyedka said...

Love this video Cute! It is so beautiful in the Gowlland Tod Range! I have loved every hike I have done up there! I am glad you were able to set aside sometime and run! I love living here on this beautiful Island!