Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring-like Trail Run on Vancouver Island (trail photos) - Late February

My good friend Tim and I finished up our seventh week of our 2013 training block. While Tim was dealing with one of Utah's colder snowier winters, Vancouver Island has experienced quite a mild winter, which means spring-like conditions are here a little early. 

I must admit I feel bad as Tim posts about his training runs in sub-zero weather and blustery whiteout conditions. Meanwhile I am in short sleeves and shorts gliding around a mountain, surrounded by succulent chartreuse leaves, and single track bordered by emerald carpet. Tim is definitely building up a nice resistance to the many trials facing us this year by running in the challenging conditions, meanwhile I am getting spoiled and I will not be quite as accustomed to the difficulties that lie ahead! 

I am not complaining though. I openly admit that it is fantastic to run through the budding new life of Mount Doug in February. I still remember when I was training in Utah, and I would stand on the driveway in the dark early morning waiting for a snowplow to clear the road so I could run in its wake, as new snowflakes quickly accumulated on the freshly plowed road. Those seem like great times in retrospect but at the time I wasn't always so thrilled. 

Week seven was a great week for me and the outlined schedule pushed me to run hard and pick up the pace. 

As my degree comes to a close and I likely head out for an unknown future in academia and a new home I find myself already missing Victoria and the Island. It was here where I feel I have grown the most as a geologist, a student, and in life in general. I will always have fond memories of my late winter sojourns on the green sun-drenched slopes of Mount Doug. I guess I better really enjoy this spring as it is likely my last one here anyways!

 Succulent new growth on Mount Doug in mid February!

 The green north slopes of Doug in late winter.

 Late winter trail running on Doug.

A lone arbutus on Little Doug with rural Victoria behind it.

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Tim said...

Nice post about your running. As always your writing and pictures are top notch!!

I can imagine the day you have to leave that island will be quite hard as you have grown to love it. The scenery is top notch, and the temps (usually) can't be matched. It truly is a hidden paradise.