Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Arbutus Cove Run October 22, 2012

I really enjoy running in the rain. I should rephrase that, I really enjoy running in a light drizzle. The rain keeps you cool and is also a bit invigorating so that you seem to find a little extra energy to draw from. I also love running in the Autumn not only because of the obvious reasons of vibrant fall colors and cooler temperatures but also knowing that the racing season is over takes some of the pressure off to perform and train at such a high level. You are able to relax some and enjoy running for the simple act of covering distance efficiently. Today's run checked both these boxes. I stepped out my door and was first greeted by a brisk drizzle, during the Island's first true cold spell the year; it was a little like jumping into a cold pool, but like swimming in a cold pool, it is only a matter of time before the body adjusts and the exertion makes you quite comfortable. The smell of earth and leaves in various stages of decay accompanied me as I started down the trail. I decided to run Arubutus Cove a small sandy bay near my home. As I ran down the stairs to the beach, I could hear the surf which meant high tide. The waves were crashing right up against the high water mark which only left a small strip of runnable sand. It would be possible to run this strip, which would include some scrambling on slimy rocks, but tonight I opted to head back to the road and circumnavigate the beach and run to the other end. The other end of the cove has larger grassy areas along the headlands strewn with large arbutus trees, both lush and green, and dead and scraggly. I enjoyed the view and ran down the 40 or so steps to the beach. It was a superb run at the height of fall. I retraced my steps and did the route in reverse for a simple 35 minute run. Nothing too serious just enough.


Tim said...

Good to finally get an update on your blog!!! I was going through withdrawals. It sounded like the day and scenery were hard to top! Hopefully there is more blog posts in the future.

tysqui said...

Beautiful pictures. I love it!

APV said...

I absolutely love your blog; it's really inspiring. Thats a nice camera you got there too