Sunday, August 2, 2009

Training week # 2 Mileage is pileing up

Another 7 days have gone by and I have now completed week two of my 58 week training schedule. I am feeling it. The miles this week piled up like a derailed freight train. I have ran 12 of the last 14 days. So I have only had two days to rest. The reality of adding another 100 km to what I ran this week is starting to set in. This is not going to be easy. Last nights run was my first run that my times actually didn't improve. This indicates that I am completely knackered. On Friday night I had insomnia until 4:00 AM another classic sign of over training. I am going to stay consistent and slow my runs down a hair rather than try to improve my times every day. It may be the speed not the duration that is burning me out. I am really happy that I have stuck to my training schedule for two weeks now. I have met my goals. I did have to change up my distance for each loop I have been running. Last week I was calling one loop 4.6 km and after thinking about it I realized I had overestimated the distance. I recalculated it based on a close guesstimation from map my run and some other peoples distances and I concluded my route is 4.1 km so 0.5 km shorter than previously thought. The repercussions are that my last week's distance of 51 km was wrong and I only ran 47. So this week I jumped from 47 (29 miles) t0 56 km (34 miles). A five mile jump in a week at these lower distances is significant and that has added to my tiredness. That also added time to my average pace. My running partner and his wife have been running with the youth so I started to join them on Saturday mornings along with Vye and the kids. We "jogged the bog" this Saturday which is a small 2.8 km loop around a swamp. It was a nice little jog with some walking and faster pace running. Overall it made for a slow run taking over 18 minutes to run the 2.8 km loop. This takes my average pace down quite a bit for the week. If you throw those times out though my average pace really improved this week by 12 seconds per Km and 30 seconds per mile. Here are some points about this week.

Week 2 Review


  • Total Distance = 56.1 Km (35 miles)
  • Total Time = 5:23:39 (47 minutes longer than last week)
  • Avg pace in mins per Km = 5:41 (5:53 last week)
  • Avg pace in mins per Mile = 8:59 (9:28 last week)
  • Total Calorie burn = 3728 (3110 last week and 3500 = 1 lb of fat)


  • Obtaining my goal distance of 56 km.
  • I ran with Vye and the kids twice this week.
  • I got a runner's high last night for the first time in months.
  • Improved my pace.
  • I could feel my body settling into the running routine and each run felt like it was not as difficult as last weeks.
  • My cough is just about gone.


  • I didn't wear my nylon base layer one day and obtained toe blisters and have had them since.
  • I got insomnia on Friday night and my times slowed this weekend indicating I am over trained.
  • I didn't run in the morning once this week.
  • THE HEAT! (It was fun though and a welcome challenge).
  • A tight or torn hamstring/glute that has hindered me since Feb, I really need to see a masseuse/physiotherapist.

Well I am happy with my training it is fun to start to finally get some data and I can start to watch my times improve and can compare various aspects of my 65 column spreadsheet. I feel I am walking that knife's edge between over trained and the safe maximum amount. Next week will really let me know if I am over trained or not. If my run times for the same distance increase and it is much harder to obtain the same distance and times, or my sleep is too disrupted I may need to back of for a few days and take a lower mileage rest week. I hope it doesn't come to that I have 61 glorious km to run next week.


Tim said...

Well done, you have probably gone through the roughest two weeks getting your body prepared for increased mileage. At least that is how my body operates. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

SVKOFellows said...

I LOVED running with you too! Great job cutie! You are such an inspiration to me! Congrats on all your hard work! You are doing great!