Monday, March 16, 2009

More Running and a PhD

Since writing last I have been able to continue to train without any issues.  My strained calves healed remarkably fast (2 days).  I feel the more I run the faster I heal and recover even after my 20 mile runs.   I took a good spill the other day.  It was a little cold and there was some ice on the north slope of Doug.  I knew if I ran this particular trail I would fall.  Not one step into the new trail and my legs went right out from under me.  I rolled down the hill two or three times.  I was just a little scraped up.  I think my pride was more damaged than anything.  So the picture is just after my return home from the run.  The dark spot in the mud on my leg is blood that mixed with the mud.  The fall also tore my home made duct tape water bottle holders.  My bottle holders are sweet.  I made them out of some socks and a roll of orange duct tape and saved about 30 dollars by not buying neoprene ones.  Good thing they are duct tape and I can easily fix them, just a few strips of tape and good as new.  The holders are sweet because they are attached to my hands so I don't need to hold onto them.  They also allow me to quickly hydrate without having to figit with my bum bag.  They keep my drinks cold and my hands warm.  When you are a poor starving grad student you have to improvise a lot to be able to do your hobbies.  One of the things I can't improvise is my shoes and I already have 300 miles on this pair.  I may get another 200 miles which is about a month.  

My advisor suggested I skip my MSc and go right into a PhD.  We have thought long and hard about it and I feel it would be a great decision.  So I most likely will be a PhD student come the Fall.  I am excited at this aspect and feel that Victoria, the University, and my research area is a perfect fit.  I am excited for this next step in my life and it will be worth it to have my PhD.